Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Sales Gems

Here are some more sales gems as promised.

  • If you don’t pay commission to your sales people then they are not sales people
    o Customer service people who up sell without commission are not sales people
    o Marketing people are not sales people
    o Accountants are not sales people
    o The closest thing to sales people are company owners. They are the only other category who only get paid if they exceed their job duties.
  • Don’t limit commission
    o Decide beforehand that you are happy to pay for delivery. The quickest way to lose your best sales person is to start arguing after the sales is done.
  • Do pay a percentage of last month’s billings(revenue or margin or both) as commission, if you are in an annuity business.
  • For most industries, there is no such thing as seasonality, only lack of planning.
  • The key to sales, as with any science, is research and research implies asking questions.

It is obvious that these gems, as with any gem, require to be viewed in the correct setting.

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