Thursday, January 29, 2009

What is top of mind right now for everyone?

For most of us it is “Will I make it through the recession?”

Those of us with enough experience (some would say “wisdom gained with age”) have the fortune to have lived through this a number of times. One of my favourites was in 1993 when my General Manager told me that he would know by breakfast if our whole division was to be closed.

When he met me the next morning he informed me that we were both out of a job!
Then “The Internet” took off and both of us worked our way into senior roles in the IT&T industry.

There is always a way through and most of the time it will lead to something better. If you can't see the way through then ask someone for help!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to develop a corporate partnership?

I was recently asked how to establish a partnership relationship instead of being known as a product supplier. The answer is in the questions that you ask.
A partnership is a strategic relationship. If you get to be in front of a decision maker and start pushing your product then you will be relegated to the position of product supplier. On the other hand, if you start asking questions about their business then you will immediately differentiate yourself from the rest of the field.
What questions should you ask? Take some time to research the company and you will find suitable questions. If you really want to impress then make sure you read their annual report and press releases and organise your questions to seek clarification. This also happens to be the best way to figure out where your product or solution will best assist the company in reaching their goals.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On Recovering from the Global Recession

Most companies will take time honored approaches to try to get through a recession: reducing costs, delaying projects, stretching creditors, reducing debtors.
However, it is obvious that there must be a focus on maintaining, or increasing, revenue.
One of the assumptions is that sales revenue will be reduced, that the current sales team will not be able to close as much business as last year. The problem with this assumption is that the best sales people will still find business. So why can’t the rest of your sales team make their numbers?
Only those sales people who know how to sell, know how to prospect, qualify, engage, negotiate and close will be able to achieve budget.
Why do you have sales people in your team who don’t know how to sell?
As the market grew, you looked for anyone who resembled a sales person. This is not an uncommon mistake. I have made the same mistake in the past. The only difference is that I now know more about selecting a sales person.

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