Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Inspiration, Where do you get it?

I've been trying to come up with a few topics for a seminar series and was struggling. Just because I might find a topic interesting does not mean that anyone else will. Then it became obvious, if I was struggling for inspiration then many others, probably, are facing the same problem.

Those who have known me for many years know that I will usually get up and pace. There is an amazing difference between the level of ideas that I can generate at a keyboard compared to when I pace. I think it is one of the reasons that I learned to enjoy giving presentations. My wife and work colleagues will often tell stories of me pacing like a caged lion.

However, I have now made another observation. A 4am this morning I managed to gain some clarity as to some future business growth strategies, and figure out what I wanted to add to my blog.

Immediately following this epiphany I recalled one of my favourite poets, Rives, and his theory about 4am being the new midnight. Check him out at

If you want to explore some inspiration then go to to find out more.