Wednesday, May 13, 2009

There is another way!

This is where the inspiration lead me. (See prior post)

I’ve been working on a business concept for businesses who can see no way to survive the recession other than retrenching a large amount of employees.

You may be aware that I’ve started a series of seminars to help generate business for my own company. During research for one of the seminars “Great Things About Recession” a customer called me to ask about sales to a large company that was about to announce significant retrenchments. So I posed the question “Is there another way?”.

It took some time to research the pertinent facts but unsurprisingly, after much research, it became obvious!

The only remaining problem that I have is to find companies before they take that step.

So if you know of a company that is looking at retrenching employees please let me know.
After all, if I could show you how to save up to $1m and come out the other side of the recession with a stronger, more successful company with a more committed and productive work force, wouldn’t you be interested?

To help me inplement this I have set up a business alliance with one of the most successful business and coaching organisations in the world.

The sooner you contact me, the better it will be on all counts.

PS: I haven’t put anything on my website about this because it’s too new and I’ve only just worked it out.

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