Friday, May 29, 2009

Networking is Forever

This is probably some of the best advice that I can give on Networking to anyone, especially if they have just entered the workforce or just started their career in sales. Keep in touch with your peers.
If you are going to succeed there is a fair chance that the people that you know, and meet, are also going to succeed. Whilst they may not currently be in a position to make decisions, it will become obvious that a number of them will make it to the top of their various pyramids. I still stay in touch with people that I worked with 25 years ago. We may not see each other socially but every now and then they receive either a phone call or an email from me.

As a sales manager, whenever one of my sales people came back to the office and reported that a person that they were dealing with had left the company, my first questions were 1. Where did they go? and 2. Do you have their contact details. Why? Well why waste all that work developing a relationship and not use it to gain entry to another company?

Social Media sites such as LinkedIn have made it easier to do this. You can see my LinkedIn profile here.

If you want to find out more about networking then go to

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